IAU Travel Grants and other Financial support

What is required of IAU S350 travel grant recipients?

All IAUS350 travel grant recipients will be required to sign (in person) a receipt showing that they have received the financial award indicated in the outcome email. Receipts will be available at registration (14:00-17:00 Sunday 14 April 2019 or 8:00-9:00 Monday 15 April 2019 only). A copy will also be provided for your records.

All recipients of financial assistance are required to acknowledge the sponsor, assisting their attendance at the meeting. You will receive this information via the IAUS350-labastro2019@open.ac.uk email address – logos of sponsors should be used in talks and posters by grant recipients.

All recipients of financial assistance are required to submit a short report on their participation in the meeting and its benefits to their scientific career, not later than Sunday 19 May 2019. This form is available here.