IAU Travel Grants and other Financial support

The deadline for applying for IAU travel grants and other financial support is has now passed. Emails to all grant applicants, both successful and unsuccessful should be received not later than Wednesday 30 Jan 2019. Please note that you have 48 hours to respond to the instructions with this email.

When will I hear about my travel grant?

We anticipate that the outcomes of all travel grant applications will be communicated to applicants by late January 2019, though the Christmas break may push this back a little. You will be informed by email. Therefore, please ensure IAUS350-labastro2019@open.ac.uk is not sending messages into your spam box or junk folder. Please, also ensure that we have an active email address for you. Please follow the instructions in the “IAUS350 Travel Grant Application Outcome” email within 48 hours of receipt, to accept / reject the travel grant outcome and finalise your registration.

How will my travel grant be paid?

In most cases travel grants will first be offset against your registration fee, then your accommodation (in the most economical room available in Jesus College to suit your circumstances). Any additional sum will be paid to you by bank transfer, to a personal bank account, after the start (but before the end) of the meeting, after signing of the travel grant receipt form (see below). In exceptional circumstances the balance of the travel grant may be payable in cash on registration at the meeting. Further details will follow in the “IAUS350 Travel Grant Application Outcome” email.

What is required of IAU S350 travel grant recipients?

All IAUS350 travel grant recipients will be required to sign (in person) a receipt showing that they have received the financial award indicated in the outcome email. Receipts will be available at registration (14:00-17:00 Sunday 14 April 2019 or 8:00-9:00 Monday 15 April 2019 only). A copy will also be provided for your records.

All recipients of financial assistance are required to acknowledge the sponsor, assisting their attendance at the meeting. You will receive this information via the IAUS350-labastro2019@open.ac.uk email address – logos of sponsors should be used in talks and posters by grant recipients.

All recipients of financial assistance are required to submit a short report on their participation in the meeting and its benefits to their scientific career, not later than Wednesday 8 May 2019. A form will be provided to aid this process, and the link will be provided via email during / after the meeting.