Childcare in the UK is expensive, and in demand – it is predominantly privately provided, so you need to consider this carefully. We have tried to provide as much information as possible here to help parents in arranging to attend this meeting and ensure their children are cared for.

(Un) fortunately the conference is during school holidays so schools and nurseries are closed, which makes childcare place demands even higher, but does mean more options might be available. In addition, Friday 19 April is a national holiday (Good Friday), so external childcare providers may be closed.

The most important issues to keep in mind are:

  • All the places get booked very quickly and there is much demand for places. It will therefore not be easy to find a place.
  • Bookings typically open one month in advance, so you need to keep an eye out.  It is best to register or make enquiries well in advance (now!)
  • Due to no requests being received, on-site childcare will not be economically viable for the LOC to provide on this occasion.


Jesus College is a family friendly environment and welcomes children to stay in their accommodation and dine in college. Unfortunately, though, it is not possible for children of any age to be permitted in the scientific sessions.

As can be seen on the registration page rates have been negotiated for accompanying persons under 10 (£100 for the week) and over 10 (£250 for the week), which reflect the costs of the accompanying persons attending evening meals in college, as well as the welcome reception, and, for those over 10, the opportunity to join one of the conference outings / college tours.

As can be seen on the accommodation page twin and double rooms are available, where a child may sleep with their parent. However, Jesus College do not have cot services, or rooms for occupancy greater than 2 persons, but it may be possible in limited circumstances to negotiate for your own travel cot to be erected in a room. Moreover, for children less than 6 months old, not partaking of any college meals, an accompanying persons fee-waiver may be applied. Please email  before registering, if you have a query in this regard.

For children aged 5-14 years (Monday 15– Thursday  18 (and on occasion Friday 19 Jan 2019)

For school aged children under 14 (typically born between 1 Sept 2005 and 31 August 2014), there are several options to place your child in a holiday camp during the week.

Delegates are responsible for booking and paying for their own childcare costs with external providers, we have complied a list below of some local providers, but this is not exhaustive, and does not specifically recommend one over another. Again the working language in all cases will be English.

If you require further help with childcare camps, please email Dr. Giulio Del Zanna (LOC) at gd232 (at), who has been in contact with some of the providers, and has some experience in this regard.


They will run holiday clubs at several locations in the Cambridge area. Bookings will open about a month in advance. They take  children aged 4-14 from 8:00 to 18:00. The closest two locations to the conference are at:

  1. Luke’s primary –  French’s Rd, Cambridge CB4 3JZ. This is in walking distance from Jesus College.
  2. Queen Edith Community Primary School, Godwin Way, Cambridge CB1 8QP. This is in South Cambridge. It is reachable by bus.

Other locations are further away in nearby villages: Cottenam Primary (Cottenam), Meridian Primary (Comberton)


This is held at Long Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 8PX, which is reachable by bus from the main bus station, which is close to Jesus College. They normally have places available and lots of activities.


King Camps Cambridge

They offer three locations in Cambridge, one  in St.John’s College (close to Jesus College). The other two are easily reachable by bus.


They run two holiday clubs at

  1. St Mary’s Junior School, Cambridge Chaucer Road, Cambridge, CB2 7EB
  2. Chesterton Community College, Gilbert Road, Cambridge, CB4 3NY

The second one is an easy walk from Jesus College. They accept children in the age range from four to fifteen. Children must have spent at least half a term at school before they can attend the Playscheme. The advanced booking period should be opening around 4 March. Typically all places get booked within 15 minutes (!) from opening.

Priority is given to members of the University.


If none of the above options suit you and your child, or places are not available, or you wish for your child to be cared for onsite, it is possible to hire a private nanny on an ad hoc basis, or use a local childminder, or for evenings a local babysitter. The LOC cannot recommend or endorse particular providers, but using an agency is best and some of us have experience with the following options.

The following placement agency provides emergency childcare, holiday nannies and babysitters

and the following website is popular with many UK parents in an emergency / to find babysitters.

Both could be suitable if you require additional evening care e.g. by a babysitter in your room with your child during the poster sessions or conference dinner.

We advise to check that the childminder is OFSTED-registered by searching:

One good place to find a childminder is: