Important Upcoming Deadlines

19 May 2019 All travel grant / financial support recipients to submit reports via online form
15 June 2019 All Proceeding papers to be submitted via the online system (See here for details)

Latest News

10 May 2019

An email has been sent today to all participants reminding them of the post-meeting requirements of IAU S350 – apologies for the delay.
This includes details of how to submit travel grant and financial assistance report forms and post-meeting details for the proceeedings

5 April 2019

In the next 24 hours all registered delegates should receive an email reminding you of the final steps before our meeting which starts in 10 days time! Do please check the website and the links provided in this email before inundating our conference admin with questions! But if you are stuck email iaus350-labastro2019@open.ac.uk and we will try to help. (Unfortunately we know no more about BREXIT than you do). We have tried to provide information regarding registration, check-in to accommodation, scientific programmes and social events. Please do not forget to upload talks by 9 April 2019, and print off your posters ready for the week. We look forward to seeing you in Cambridge.

5 March 2019

Today all delegates have been emailed with the latest information on BREXIT, accommodation, AV and Poster requirements for the conference. Do please check the website and the links provided in this email before inundating our conference admin with questions! But if you are stuck email iaus350-labastro2019@open.ac.uk and we will try to help. If you still require receipts, letters of invitation or visa letters do tell us – certificates of attendance will be provided at the meeting. The travel grants and abstract decisions have now all been made and a few “last minute highlight” poster opportunities are available. Please follow the website link in your email and submit before 10 March 2019. Outcomes will be communicated by 15 March. We look forward to seeing you in Cambridge.

8 November 2018

Second Announcement has been released. Registration, travel grant applications and abstract submission open.

15 September 2018

First Announcement has been released.

About this symposium

The First International Astronomical Union Symposium on Laboratory Astrophysics, IAUS 350: Laboratory Astrophysics: from Observations to Interpretation, will be held in Jesus College, Cambridge, UK, from 14th  – 19th  April, 2019.

The active synergy between astronomical observation, laboratory experiments and theoretical modelling has become vital in realising the full scientific yield of multi-billion pound astronomy telescopes and space exploration missions. Consequently, the field of Laboratory Astrophysics is now established as a fundamental element of modern astronomy research. Further details on the scientific rationale can be found here.

This meeting will bring together researchers in theoretical or experimental chemistry and physics with those in astronomy and space missions, with many researchers meeting for the first time, to understand the latest challenges and recent successes in experimental and theoretical laboratory astrophysics and astrochemistry. The Astronomy topics covered go from star- and planet-formation through stellar populations to extragalactic chemistry and dark matter, complimented by chemistry and physics reaching from fundamental atomic and molecular spectroscopy, through surface reaction dynamics, catalysis, nuclear processes and high-energy physics, including fundamental processes in some of the most extreme environments we can imagine.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Ewine van Dishoeck, Yuri Aikawa, Kathrin Altwegg, Olivier Berné, Til Birnstiel, Adwin Boogert, André Canosa, Fred Ciesla, Ulrike Heiter, Cornelia Jäger, Anders Jerkstrand, Inga Kamp, Ciska Kemper, Kei Kotake, Karin Lind, Weiping Liu, Michael Montgomery, Johan Olofsson, Juliet Pickering, Cristina Puzzarini, Sara Russell, Hendrik Schatz, Stephan Schlemmer, Bhalamurugan Sivaraman, Richard Teague, Jonathan Tennyson, Patrice Theulé, Véronique Vuitton, Naoki Watanabe, Nathalie Ysard, Peter Young